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An ongoing series of Japanese Golf Industry informational entries

Our Latest Blog Entry:

The State of the Game!

July 2, 2020

Golf in Japan has seen amazing heights, but this isn't one of them. The good news is that the offerings are still solid despite the dastardly, destructive trifecta of a financial meltdown, natural disaster and now a worldwide pandemic! The greens are still getting cut and according to worldwide feedback, golfers are enjoying the pristine course conditions, with divots hard to find. In Canada the bears have decided to move onto the courses as the pesky golfers are no longer roaming around their territory looking for balls. 

What did the courses here do to cope with both social and mandated pandemic guidelines?  Strangely, the play style has become more westernised, with the doing away of the mandatory lunch break and the closing of the Japanese style hot baths and hot springs! Courses with buffet style lunches, many began to make take-out bento box lunch options instead.

To some this is a blessing as it shortens the entire day, but doesn't cut down on the time spent golfing! Yet others are here for the full experience, single malt whisky and all; and the more time they can spend enjoying the civility and club atmosphere the better! People come to the courses in Japan for different reasons. For some its an escape from the potentially annoying wife, or family, for some it's a business venture with a corporate entertainment agenda including set goals and yet others, perhaps less exciting, are here for the sport. 

Whatever brings you to the course, we look forward to welcoming you!

Bennett J. Galloway

Galloway Golf Group

"The Japan Experts!"

Our Second Blog Entry:

Japan Golf Trails - All the golf with less expense!

July 1, 2020

Our Story

After 30 years in the golf industry in Japan, I feel it's time for golf here to hit the world stage and get the recognition it deserves! With 2,300 plus courses and plenty of great hotels and resorts waiting for you... what are you waiting for!!?? Book a golf tour of a lifetime with us!

Our Advantages

One of the largest challenges Japan has is that their courses are usually one-offs, so no resort, but amazing courses. This means you'll need to transfer from your accommodations about 15 to 30 min to the courses in destination locations.

Our Vision

We are here to get you access to well thought out plans and itineraries that allow you to experience the best Japan has to offer! One of the biggest costs of a tour here in Japan is transportation, however with the current GPS technology a self-drive tour gets you all the golf with more freedom, at less cost! 

A Full selection of tours throughout the country are in the works! 

-You're welcome! 

Bennett J. Galloway

Galloway Golf Group

"The Japan Experts!"

Our First Blog Entry:

What's up with Golf Tourism in Japan?

June 27, 2020

Japan has seen basically nonexistent levels of golf tourism compared to other Asian countries, so the normally low levels of golf tourism are now gone and domestic golfers, predominantly those in the local areas surrounding the courses, are the only ones currently supporting the industry. 

This is steadily changing with some prefectures (states) like Mie and Okinawa, seeing in-bound golf tourism as a viable way to prop up their golf industry from the pending catastrophic downturn in business due to an aging population no longer able to play the game.

Not only with golf, but a worldwide pandemic such as this one, functions like a regiment of chemotherapy killing off the weak cells, or businesses leaving only the strong to survive. It forces us to rethink our function in what we do and realize sometimes drastic needed changes to our systems and procedures.

For Japan I hope this means that golf course stakeholders, owners and upper management can finally let go of their far-fetched belief that the industry will return to its former glory, as seen during the 80s and early 90s with the bubble economy, when it was all eccentricities and money flowed like mud, you couldn’t stop it! And finally move to more modern business models that respect the customer needs more than maintaining their archaic systems.

For golf tourism, Japan has always been an empty canvas, but perhaps now even more so and the Japanese golf industry will need all the help it can get. They still are facing an aging population highlighted by a disappearing domestic demand with courses unable to adjust and embrace the future simply perishing. There is an urgent need to fully embrace golf tourism and mainly at a governmental level, as the industry with its current archaic management, is simply incapable of self-actualisation. 

-Stay fluid everyone and together we can get through this. 

Bennett J. Galloway

Galloway Golf Group

"The Japan Experts!"

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